Pleased KA meet ya!

Tool-Box-Talk on Building a KA


Pleased KA meet ya!

Tool-Box-Talk on Building a KA

Building an EnduroKA is really quite simple, a standard three door MK1 1300cc Ford KA (manufactured between 2002 - 2008) must be used, in right hand drive only. The original KA silhouette must be maintained, except for the variation caused by the fitment of approved front driving lights (during events with night time running) and/or the fitting of wire towing straps in accordance with Motorsport UK regulation Q.19.1.3(b).

In addition to the control items highlighted on the image above, there are a few general requirements from Motorsport UK, the UKs governing body:



The following articles of the Motorsport UK Blue Book ‘Section K Competitors: Safety’ are highlighted as being applicable, but not to the exclusion of any other.

Motorsport UK General Regulations that automatically apply:

K 2.1.2 - K 2.1.4 - Seat belts, 4, 5 and 6 point harnesses

K 3.1 - Fire extinguisher, Appendix 1, Table 3 , references (3.1.2 a) &/or (3.1.2 b) apply

K 5.1 & K 5.2 - Red warning light (Rain Light)

K 6 - Fuel Tanks & Fillers

K 8 - External Circuit Breaker (see also G120 & 121)

K 9 – Race Overalls (in particular, K 9.1.1)

K 10 – Crash Helmets

K 13, - Frontal Head Restraints (HANS device)

Safety Harnesses: In order to maintain the integrity of the harness system in the event of an accident, it is recommended that these should be a minimum of five-point attachment, in accordance with Q 13.10.2. 

Seats: It is strongly recommended that seats have side wings or side head restraints to take into account lateral forces.



Advertising on vehicles is subject to requirements set out in Motorsport UK Yearbook Q 19.2.2 and H 28 & H 29 in particular. For the avoidance of doubt, use of the side windows for advertising is strictly prohibited.

An EnduroKA series sticker sets will be distributed in advance of the first round of each season. This will include, but is not limited to stickers in the following positions:

  • Windscreen top
  • Front and Rear number plates
  • Door roundel
  • Bumper corners
  • Front wing

Race numbers must be located in the rear side windows, as required by Section Q 11.4 of the Motorsport UK Yearbook. An additional reflective yellow car number, a minimum of 100mm high is required in the top right hand corner of the rear windscreen.



For a full copy of the EnduroKA regulations, please refer to the "Useful Links" list on the right. A link to the 2020 Motorsport UK Competitors & Officials Yearbook can be found here



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