EnduroKA -  About The Series

EnduroKA - About The Series

The EnduroKA Series was launched in 2019 to provide a cost-effective, fun introduction to motorsport without huge financial outlay. Cars are readily available, enabling enthusiasts to dip their toes in the sport for the first time and experience real racing on a budget.

Competitors take to the track in a Ford KA Mk1 1300cc (produced between 2002 and 2008) and the series is designed to exhibit driving excellence and car control in the absence of vehicle and technical development.

KAs must be presented in a racing livery – we encourage those taking part to use their imagination – and cars must be standard with the exception of:

- Control suspension (coilovers)

- Control front brake pads

- Control tyres

- Control roll-cage

Enforced standardised parts ensure an equal and fair playing field. All control items are available to purchase via Burton Power (0208 518 9131)

Build kits are available from Burton Power here

Control Tyres & Alloy Wheels are available from PolleySport here

EnduroKA features a mix of 5/6 hour races, with a highlight 24-hour summer race and a 500-minute season finale. The series visits some of the best circuits in the UK, giving a varied and diverse endurance experience. Each car must have a minimum of two and a recommended maximum of four drivers for an event of less than 12 hours. For events of 12 hours or more, each car must have a minimum of three and maximum of six drivers.

- For races of six hours or less, three mandatory driver change pits stops must be made

- No driver may drive for longer than two hours and twenty minutes continuously and must rest for at least thirty minutes between driving stints. 

- For races of more than six hours, no driver may drive for more than 60% of the race duration in total