Learning more about KA #27...

Learning more about KA #27...

13 June 2022

Our second Team TracKA is here! This is the short interview series where we get to know the teams that make the EnduroKA grid better, through a series of questions and a quick 'This or That' game.

This time we’re getting to know more about KA #27 - Semprini Racing, who are currently competing in their third season of EnduroKA and were one of the teams to complete the recent 24-hour race in Anglesey.

Thanks to Semprini’s Jeremy Evans for answering EnduroKA’s burning questions!


Q: Are you able to introduce yourself and your team?

Now in our third season of EnduroKa as No 27, the team originated with myself, Phil Hart and Will Puttergill. We have been supported trackside by our sons since the start and James Hart drove for us in that first season at the Brands Hatch Sprints and IndyKa 500. 

Last season James’ brother Mark joined the driving roster and with my son David passing his driving test it was clear we were going to need another Ka! This season we launched the Semprini Juniors in the second Ka (37) James, Mark and David, joined by 16 year old Callum Perfect. 

Q: What drew you to EnduroKA?

We were in the Champagne tent at Le Mans!! It seemed like a perfectly logical idea to set up an endurance racing team and Phil read about EnduroKa on Pistonheads. It seemed like a cost effective way of getting to endurance racing (before we all spent fortunes on motorhomes!!). 

Q: How did you find Ynys Mon 24?

It was a great experience - nothing prepares you for the smell of a two-stint old race suit!!

Q: How does it feel to race alongside your son?

Fantastic- one of the real highlights for both Phil and I had been to share our love of cars and motorsport with our sons. To watch them come in as novices but within 2 or 3 races be driving like veterans makes us very proud. 

Q: What’s your favourite EnduroKA memory?

The finish line of our first race - Snetterton 12 hours 2020. The gearbox tried to go awol after about 3 hours so it was a battle to get it to the end. I had the final stint and drove for over two hours pretty much holding it in gear the whole time!

This or That:

Q: Mansell or Hill?


Q: Race at Nürburgring or Spa?


Q: Sutton or Turkington?

More of a Cleland / Soper era guy

Q: Race win or Dagenham Dustbin?

Dagenham Dustbin!! Third season, third different livery!!

Q: Scones; Jam or Cream first?

Cream of course!!!